June 14th-15th, 2013


Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, China


Worldhotel Grand Juna Wuxi (5 star)




Economic Globalization - Outsourcing or Insourcing

International Host

Asia-Pacific CEO Association, Worldwide


Hosts in China

. Wuxi Municipal Government of China


Strategic Partner: Hewlett-Packard

Intelligence Partner: Jones Lang LaSalle


Main activities

. Formal meeting with top government officials

. Keynote Session

. Round table meeting; ITO, BPO and KPO

 Cooperation and Communication Meeting

. Reception banquet by Gov. of Wuxi

. Business Tour

The 6th GOS was held successfully in Wuxi
The 6th Global Outsourcing Summit (2013) was held in Wuxi, a city known as “the second Shanghai”, in Jiangsu Province, China from June 14th to 16t......
·The 6th GOS was chaired by Mr. Huang Qin
·Ms. Huang Lixin, Secretary of Wuxi Munic
·Mr. Wan Lianpo, Deputy Director of Depar
·Mr. Ren Hongbin, Standing Vice President
·Mr. Wei Jianguo, Secretary-General of Ch
·Mr. Stanley Xu, Director & General Manag
·Mr. Malcolm Norquoy, Director, IBM Globa
·Mr. Huo Jianguo, President of CAITEC, Mi
·Mr. Prakash Navalrai Kirpalani, Presiden
·Mr. Peter Chan, Regional Director, Head 
·Mr. Pak Keung Chan, Vice President of Sa
·Mr. Jack Perkowski, Founder and Managing
·Mr. Zheng Xiongwei, Global Executive Cha
·Mr. Zheng Xiongwei, Global Executive Cha
·Mr. Kevin Gaylynn Kindall, Director, Qua
·Mr. Li Gang, Head of International Servi
·Mr. Max Allen Herriman, Region Special P
·Mr. Yu Lixin, Director of Service Trade 
·James Liu, Sales Director, ITO of Hewlet
·Mr. Sidney Yuen, Chairman of HK of IAOP,
·Mr. Adriano Ruchini, Licensed Advisor of
·Mr. Emre Akpinar, Deputy Operation And M
·Mr. Alfredo M. Ronchi, Secretary General
·Mr. Michel Plaisent, Full Professor of U
·Mr. Christopher Maehl, Chairman of the F
·Ms. Nihan Bol, President of The Bol Grou
Mr. Pak Keung Chan, Vice President of Sanmina-SCI Corporation, delivers a speech at the 6th GOS

outline of the speech (For more speech info,please feel free to contact us):


The Key Success of Outsourcing Industry in China -  Appropriate Use of Global Supply Chain Management

中国外包企业成功之道 - 在于妥善运用全球供应链管理

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Sanmina Corporation Overview 新美亚集团简介

Global Outsourcing Market Observation 全球外包市场之前景

The Challenges of Global Supply Chain Management  (GSM) 全球供应链管理所面臨的挑战

Key Markets in Greater China’s EMS Industry 中国电子制造服务业的关键市场

SANMINA Corporation Overview  新美亚簡介

Sanmina is a Flexible, Lean and Quality-driven IMS Organization with a Dedicated Focus on Key Markets and High-end Technology


Headquarter in San Jose, California, USA with 33 Years of Operating History Since Establishment in 1980 1980年创立, 已有33 年经营历史, 总部设于美国加州圣荷西市

Sanmina Global Location: 25 Countries on Four Continents  新美亚全球分布四大洲25个国家

Headcount > 45,000 Employees 全球超过 45,000 名员工

Listed on U.S.A. NASDAQ Stock Market: SANM Sanmina Corporation

于美国纳斯达克上市: SANM Sanmina Corporation

Integrated Manufacturing Solutions “一站式全能制造方案

SANMINA Greater China - Manufacturing Locations 新美亚大中华 - 生产制造基地

Major Customers - Greater China 大中华主要客户

Overview of Global Outsourcing Market 全球外包市場概況

Global Outsourcing Market by Region in Year 2009 vs 2014 全球外包市场地区分布 2009 vs 2014 (Source: New Venture Research) 

Market analysts estimated the worldwide Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) revenue up to US $270 Billion and US $479 Billion in year 2009 and 2014 respectively; and also predicted approximately 42.4% in China in year 2014 市场分析员估计全球电子制造外包服务业之总收入会由2009年的$270 亿美金增至2014年的$479亿美金,  更预测2014年中国于全球市场占有率为42.4%

Overview of Global Outsourcing Market 全球外包市場概況

Top 5 Global Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) Providers; ranked by 2012 full year financial results to avoid any flux on a quarterly basic.

全球电子制造服务(EMS)供应商首五位 ;2012年全年财务结果作为依据.


Hon Hai Precision Industries


Jabil Circuit



(Source: Venture Outsource)

Importance of GSM 全球供应链的重要性

GSM Plays an Important Role in Managing a Company’s: 全球供应链管理于公司的重要性:

Working Capital (Inventory at Own & Inventory Liabilities at the Supplier) 资金周转(公司之库存及供货商的负债库存)

Cash Flow (AR vs. AP) 现金流量

Approximately 80% or More of the Cost of a Hi-End Product is Procured Materials  80%高端产品的成本来自采购材料

Role of Managing the Supply Base Has Become More Than Just Sourcing a Part and Placing Orders: 管理供应基地已不再单为采购及下订单:

Parts Being Procured Are No Longer Simple Commodities 采购的部件不再是简单的商品

Parts can be Unique and thus Difficult to Replace, so Managing the Performance of such Suppliers to Achieve Quality, Availability and Cost Performance is Critical


Supply Chain Volatility 全球供应链的波动

Factors Contributes to Supply Chain Volatility 供应链波动因素

Global Economic Uncertainty 全球经济不明朗

China GDP Growth Rate Deteriorates and Increasing Wages Expectation 中国国民生产总值现退化趋势;持续工资增长期望

(Source:; National Bureau of Statistic, China)

U.S. Budget Deficit Shrinks Faster than Expected 美国预算赤字收缩比预期更快

(Source: The New York Times; U.S. Congressional Budget Office)

Supply Chain Volatility (Cont’) 全球供应链的波动 

Factors Contributes to Supply Chain Volatility 供应链波动因素

Political Climate 政治气候

Example: China-Japan Tension; North-South Korea Tension 如中日;南北朝鲜局势紧张

GSM Needs to Understand the Political and Cultural Environment in Each of the Countries and Regions; Not an Easy Task that Requires Multiple Sources of Informational Input

GSM需要了解每个国家和地区的政治和文化环境; 需多方面收集信息

Legal and Regulatory Environment 法律和监管环境

Examples: Export and Trade Compliance; Conflict Minerals Reporting 如出口和贸易法规;冲突矿物采购政策 

GSM’s Proactive Involvement to Drive Consistent Standards between Industry Trading Partners GSM积极参与工业协会之行动以保持法规的標準

Disasters 天災

Examples: U.S. Hurricane Sandy in 2012; Japan Earthquake/Tsunami in 2011  2012美国飓风桑迪; 2011日本地震/海啸

Competition from Neighborhood Countries 来自其他国家的竞争

Supply Chain Volatility Factors Change as World Dynamics Change; these Factors Should be on the Radar of GSM Professional  供应链的波动因素随世界动态变化而改变; GSM专才应提高警觉

The Challenges of GSM全球供应链管理所面對的挑战

Managing the Capacity; Optimizing Between Cost; Time & Reliability  管理能力; 优化成本; 时间 & 可靠性

Customer Pressure 来自客户的压力

Request for Quarterly Cost Reduction 要求季度性成本下降

Material Cost Reduction from Quarterly or Ad-hoc Price Negotiation with Suppliers  要求季度性或与供应商价格谈判时降低材料成本

Localization and Alternate Sourcing Proposal to Achieve Material Cost Reduction Breakthrough 本地化和采用其他采购方案以降低材料成本

Supply & Demand Impact Cost Reduction Opportunity供应与需求影响降低成本的机会

A Well Structured GSM with Component Engineering Expertise is Essential to Mitigate Disruption of Supply Risks by Evaluating and Offering Alternatives to Companies and Customers

结构稳健的GSM可减轻供应中断的风险; 亦能立即提供替代方案

GSM and Assurance-Of-Supply全球供应链管理及供应炼保证

AOS is Not as Simple as Buying from Multiple Sources  供应炼保证并不是单从多来源购入 

Sourcing Decision is based on Total-Cost-Ownership (TCO) Model but Not Cost-Based 

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·University of North Texas
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·Johns Hopkins University
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