June 14th-15th, 2013


Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, China


Worldhotel Grand Juna Wuxi (5 star)




Economic Globalization - Outsourcing or Insourcing

International Host

Asia-Pacific CEO Association, Worldwide


Hosts in China

. Wuxi Municipal Government of China


Strategic Partner: Hewlett-Packard

Intelligence Partner: Jones Lang LaSalle


Main activities

. Formal meeting with top government officials

. Keynote Session

. Round table meeting; ITO, BPO and KPO

 Cooperation and Communication Meeting

. Reception banquet by Gov. of Wuxi

. Business Tour

The 6th GOS was held successfully in Wuxi
The 6th Global Outsourcing Summit (2013) was held in Wuxi, a city known as “the second Shanghai”, in Jiangsu Province, China from June 14th to 16t......
·The 6th GOS was chaired by Mr. Huang Qin
·Ms. Huang Lixin, Secretary of Wuxi Munic
·Mr. Wan Lianpo, Deputy Director of Depar
·Mr. Ren Hongbin, Standing Vice President
·Mr. Wei Jianguo, Secretary-General of Ch
·Mr. Stanley Xu, Director & General Manag
·Mr. Malcolm Norquoy, Director, IBM Globa
·Mr. Huo Jianguo, President of CAITEC, Mi
·Mr. Prakash Navalrai Kirpalani, Presiden
·Mr. Peter Chan, Regional Director, Head 
·Mr. Pak Keung Chan, Vice President of Sa
·Mr. Jack Perkowski, Founder and Managing
·Mr. Zheng Xiongwei, Global Executive Cha
·Mr. Zheng Xiongwei, Global Executive Cha
·Mr. Kevin Gaylynn Kindall, Director, Qua
·Mr. Li Gang, Head of International Servi
·Mr. Max Allen Herriman, Region Special P
·Mr. Yu Lixin, Director of Service Trade 
·James Liu, Sales Director, ITO of Hewlet
·Mr. Sidney Yuen, Chairman of HK of IAOP,
·Mr. Adriano Ruchini, Licensed Advisor of
·Mr. Emre Akpinar, Deputy Operation And M
·Mr. Alfredo M. Ronchi, Secretary General
·Mr. Michel Plaisent, Full Professor of U
·Mr. Christopher Maehl, Chairman of the F
·Ms. Nihan Bol, President of The Bol Grou
Mr. Christopher Maehl, Chairman of the Foundation Council of S.E.R. Foundation Germany, delivers a speech at the track Sessions of the 6th GOS


outline of the speech (For more speech info,please feel free to contact us):


A response to the challengesof the regional - facing the economic globalization


Finding an advantage that amplifies the visibility of the regional on the global map


Key strategic intelligence for a Visionary

independent Communication and Enabling Platform

shaping economic and social relations and development



A complementary Communication Platform towards a Future Civilization of a Magnanimous Order

The Forum is guided by a new Paradigm for Leadership:

Through Reconciliation and Magnanimity towards The Unity of the Hearts

The Unity of the Hearts is meant as a beautiful picture.

A picture of People in mutual Trust and Harmony focussed and united on a higher plane of Consciousness where the Mind and the Heart are one Quoting a famous scholar:

"The sounds of wind, rain and reading are close to the ears, / The affairs of home, state and world are deep in the heart."

Gu Xiancheng, Donglin Academy WUXI, 17th Century

If these affairs are in the heart,

how can Reconciliation and Magnanimity

add worth to today’s

economic and international environment?


Only with Reconciliation and Magnanimity sustainable and peaceful cooperation and development will be successful


Reconciliation is peaceful and including

Reconciliation respects the free will of the other

Reconciliation is an active approach for balancing diverging powers

Reconciliation offers relief and uplifting through dissolving tension

Reconciliation bridges myopic views and perceived borders


Magnanimity seeks always to empower

Magnanimity is coming from and leading to unity

Magnanimity is sublimeness and seeks not for itself

Magnanimity can be experienced through being interconnected

with Life itself

Magnanimity reveres that Diversity adds richness to Unity 

Magnanimity works hand in hand with Reconciliation and offers,

in a benevolent way, a higher perspective through which the common good is magnified

In its very core and substance she has the

the mutual good of the all in mind

Magnanimity is deeply encompassing, this in a true

and sympathetic view of the people and the situation

How to begin?

Calling upon interested minds for first evaluating meetings for the founding of the Asia Pacific Rim Forum

Formation of a steering group and securing cost-effective first funding and support 

Debating and finding mutual agreement for the thematic strategy and setting a timeline and goals.

Starting with the planning of a first set of Roundtables, Summits or Symposiums for enhancing awareness and addressing the Public Consciousness

Process of building higher awareness and consciousness

Spreading the word through networking

Building public and individual awareness

Attracting followers and supporters  from highest level of Leadership

Applying the Virtues towards real life issues and generating practical outcomes

Organizing first Roundtables, Conferences or Symposiums and building a network of relations 

Communicating the outcomes towards valuable affine Organizations and personalities for furthering the cause

Creating public awareness and feedback for successful projects and participant

Presenting success stories to the Global Consciousness



The Chinese dream will lead to the anticipated economic and societal uplifting.

Structural and societal changes will occur and those affected can balance the changes better if their desire for benevolent guidance can be answered. The Chinese Dream should also have a evolved material manifestation that all can enjoy

All this can be anchored and made enduring realizing the timeless virtues of Magnanimity and Reconciliation through those who accepted responsibility for Leadership

Finding impulses to open up the innovative genius of the people for an economic development that is not an end in itself but is grounded in the realization of the interconnectedness of all  Reconciliation and Magnanimity offer themselves as enlightened answers

Trust and Confidence as solid foundations to stabilize and to reconnect development to its ultimate Ideal: A golden Civilization of the Future leading to the good of the All

·Yunnan Provincial Government, China
·Kunming Municipal Government, China
·MaAnShan Municipal Government
·University of North Texas
·University of Melbourne
·South Africa Parliament
·Johns Hopkins University
·Estonian Parliament
·The Malaysian Government
·Institute of Scientific Instruments
·French Government
·Anhui Provincial Government
·Oracle  Software Systems Co., Ltd.
·KPMG Advisory
·International Paper Asia
·HP Enterprise Service
·Goodyear Tire Management Company Ltd.
·Delta Air Lines, Inc.
·CB Richard Ellis
·Abbott Laboratories Trading  co., Ltd.
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