June 14th-15th, 2013


Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, China


Worldhotel Grand Juna Wuxi (5 star)




Economic Globalization - Outsourcing or Insourcing

International Host

Asia-Pacific CEO Association, Worldwide


Hosts in China

. Wuxi Municipal Government of China


Strategic Partner: Hewlett-Packard

Intelligence Partner: Jones Lang LaSalle


Main activities

. Formal meeting with top government officials

. Keynote Session

. Round table meeting; ITO, BPO and KPO

 Cooperation and Communication Meeting

. Reception banquet by Gov. of Wuxi

. Business Tour

The 6th GOS was held successfully in Wuxi
The 6th Global Outsourcing Summit (2013) was held in Wuxi, a city known as “the second Shanghai”, in Jiangsu Province, China from June 14th to 16t......
·The 6th GOS was chaired by Mr. Huang Qin
·Ms. Huang Lixin, Secretary of Wuxi Munic
·Mr. Wan Lianpo, Deputy Director of Depar
·Mr. Ren Hongbin, Standing Vice President
·Mr. Wei Jianguo, Secretary-General of Ch
·Mr. Stanley Xu, Director & General Manag
·Mr. Malcolm Norquoy, Director, IBM Globa
·Mr. Huo Jianguo, President of CAITEC, Mi
·Mr. Prakash Navalrai Kirpalani, Presiden
·Mr. Peter Chan, Regional Director, Head 
·Mr. Pak Keung Chan, Vice President of Sa
·Mr. Jack Perkowski, Founder and Managing
·Mr. Zheng Xiongwei, Global Executive Cha
·Mr. Zheng Xiongwei, Global Executive Cha
·Mr. Kevin Gaylynn Kindall, Director, Qua
·Mr. Li Gang, Head of International Servi
·Mr. Max Allen Herriman, Region Special P
·Mr. Yu Lixin, Director of Service Trade 
·James Liu, Sales Director, ITO of Hewlet
·Mr. Sidney Yuen, Chairman of HK of IAOP,
·Mr. Adriano Ruchini, Licensed Advisor of
·Mr. Emre Akpinar, Deputy Operation And M
·Mr. Alfredo M. Ronchi, Secretary General
·Mr. Michel Plaisent, Full Professor of U
·Mr. Christopher Maehl, Chairman of the F
·Ms. Nihan Bol, President of The Bol Grou
Global leaders of the summit


Zheng Xiongwei

Global Executive Chairman of APCEO 

ZHENG Xiongwei

Prestigious economist

Global Executive Chairman of APCEO and Chairman of APCEO (China)

Executive chairman of ICS (International Cooperation Summit for CEOs, Governors, Mayors & Political Figures Worldwide)

Executive chairman of GOS (Global Outsourcing Summit)

Other titles: senior consultant for the Republican Party of the United States, researcher of the Institute of Political Development and Governance of Peking University, chief representative of International Financial Management Association (IFMA) China
    Mr. ZHENG was born in Zhejiang Province, China. He graduated from Shanghai University of Finance and People’s University of China. He once worked in the Ministry of Electronics Industry and the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation. Mr. ZHENG is the major founder and organizer of the International Cooperation Summit for CEOs, Governors, Mayors & Political Figures Worldwide. Apart from being the chief economic adviser for several international companies, he has also been appointed to be a consultant for some local governments such as Yunnan Provincial Government.

Mr. ZHENG is an expert in the research and practical operation of various fields such as financial instrument, capital operation, international financial management, global outsourcing, international economic cooperation, transnational business strategy, and consortium development strategy. As one of the founders of the theoretical system for IFM (International Finance Manager) and IOEM (international Outsourcing Economic Manager), he has cooperated with the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Personnel and Ministry of Labor and Social Security in the introduction and development of IFM and IOM certification systems. The books edited by Mr. ZHENG include Cases of International Finance Management, Cases of Accounting Management (published by The Publishing House of Economics Science), Theory on Economics and Management, International Finance Management, Accounting Management (published by Finance and Economics Press), Theory and Strategy on International Outsourcing, Operation and Management of International Outsourcing, Cases and Opportunities of Global Outsourcing (published by Economic Management Press).

As an specialist in international capital operation, Mr. Zheng has organized and presided sessions in National School of Administration and Shanghai respectively on the theme of “Warren Buffett: the Secret and Practice of the World Greatest Godfather in Investment and Management,” which played a role in the rise of China Life Insurance’s stock price in Hong Kong and the United States and also pushed the discussion on RMB exchange rate and hot money to a new high.

Mr. ZHENG, as a famous economist and the President of an international economic organization, has also been devoted to all kinds of cooperation among governments at all levels in China including the Ministry of Commerce, Beijing Municipal Government, Tianjin Municipal Government, Shanxi Provincial Government, Heilongjiang Provincial Government, Sichuan Provincial Government, Henan Provincial Government, Jilin Provincial Government, Guangzhou Municipal Government, Chengdu Municipal Government, Zhengzhou Municipal Government, Urumqi Municipal Government, Wuxi Municipal Government, Wenzhou Municipal Government, Shaoxing Municipal Government, Jincheng Municipal Government, Haining Municipal Government, etc. In addiiton, he has contributed tremendously to the promotion of international cooperation by helping build international cooperation bases and the Global Outsourcing Center and so on.    

In the past years, Mr. ZHENG has met many important political celebrities such as Bill Clinton, former president of USA, George Bush, former president of USA, and Schroeder, ex-Chancellor of Germany. Mr. ZHENG, together with Mr. Bob Hawke, former Prime Minister of Australia, Mr. Dominque de Villepin, former Prime Minister of France, Mr. Gilman, former Chairman of Foreign Relations Committee of U.S. Congress and General Quesnot, former Chief of Staff for two Presidents of France, forms the core leadership of APCEO.

·Yunnan Provincial Government, China
·Kunming Municipal Government, China
·MaAnShan Municipal Government
·University of North Texas
·University of Melbourne
·South Africa Parliament
·Johns Hopkins University
·Estonian Parliament
·The Malaysian Government
·Institute of Scientific Instruments
·French Government
·Anhui Provincial Government
·Oracle  Software Systems Co., Ltd.
·KPMG Advisory
·International Paper Asia
·HP Enterprise Service
·Goodyear Tire Management Company Ltd.
·Delta Air Lines, Inc.
·CB Richard Ellis
·Abbott Laboratories Trading  co., Ltd.
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