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June 14th-15th, 2013


Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, China


Worldhotel Grand Juna Wuxi (5 star)




Economic Globalization - Outsourcing or Insourcing

International Host

Asia-Pacific CEO Association, Worldwide


Hosts in China

. Wuxi Municipal Government of China


Strategic Partner: Hewlett-Packard

Intelligence Partner: Jones Lang LaSalle


Main activities

. Formal meeting with top government officials

. Keynote Session

. Round table meeting; ITO, BPO and KPO

 Cooperation and Communication Meeting

. Reception banquet by Gov. of Wuxi

. Business Tour

The 6th GOS was held successfully in Wuxi
The 6th Global Outsourcing Summit (2013) was held in Wuxi, a city known as “the second Shanghai”, in Jiangsu Province, China from June 14th to 16t......
·The 6th GOS was chaired by Mr. Huang Qin
·Ms. Huang Lixin, Secretary of Wuxi Munic
·Mr. Wan Lianpo, Deputy Director of Depar
·Mr. Ren Hongbin, Standing Vice President
·Mr. Wei Jianguo, Secretary-General of Ch
·Mr. Stanley Xu, Director & General Manag
·Mr. Malcolm Norquoy, Director, IBM Globa
·Mr. Huo Jianguo, President of CAITEC, Mi
·Mr. Prakash Navalrai Kirpalani, Presiden
·Mr. Peter Chan, Regional Director, Head 
·Mr. Pak Keung Chan, Vice President of Sa
·Mr. Jack Perkowski, Founder and Managing
·Mr. Zheng Xiongwei, Global Executive Cha
·Mr. Zheng Xiongwei, Global Executive Cha
·Mr. Kevin Gaylynn Kindall, Director, Qua
·Mr. Li Gang, Head of International Servi
·Mr. Max Allen Herriman, Region Special P
·Mr. Yu Lixin, Director of Service Trade 
·James Liu, Sales Director, ITO of Hewlet
·Mr. Sidney Yuen, Chairman of HK of IAOP,
·Mr. Adriano Ruchini, Licensed Advisor of
·Mr. Emre Akpinar, Deputy Operation And M
·Mr. Alfredo M. Ronchi, Secretary General
·Mr. Michel Plaisent, Full Professor of U
·Mr. Christopher Maehl, Chairman of the F
·Ms. Nihan Bol, President of The Bol Grou
GOS 2011

21st -23rd, May 2011

MaAnShan, AnHui Province, China

MaAnShan City
, AnHui Province, China


International outsourcing—— New engine of world economic development, New force of Chinese city transformation!


International Hosts & Sponsor:

Asia-Pacific CEO Association,Worldwide

Partner: IAOP  

Host in China:

.The Bureau of Commerce of Anhui Province PRC
.MaAnShan Municipal Government PRC


Main activities

.Formal meeting with top government officials:
 Anhui provincial Government 
 MaAnShan Municipal Government 
 Ministry of Commerce of China

.Keynote Session

Round table meeting;ITO, BPO and KPO Cooperation and Communication Meeting

Reception banquet by Gov. of Maanshan

Business Tour



Saturday, May 21st




Reception& Registration


Airport pick-up to hotel and sign in


Sunday, May 22nd







Business Tour


Visit top enterprises and Industrial park






Formal meeting with top government officials:

l Anhui provincial Government

l MaAnShan Municipal Government

l Ministry of Commerce of China



Welcoming Banquet

(held by MaAnShan Municipal Government, including performances with local characteristics)


Monday, 23rd May







Opening Ceremony


- Brief introduction of key guests

- Opening Address:

l Wang Sanyun, Governor of Anhui provincial Government

l Zhang Xiaolin, mayor of MaAnShan Municipal Government.

l Minister, Ministry of Commerce, China

l Mr Gordon Brown, former Prime Minister of United Kingdom

- Local introduced by officials of Anhui province and MaAnShan city

- Tea Break (10 minutes)

Chaired by: Leader of Ma’anshan Government

Keynote Session



International outsourcing ——

New engine of world economic development, New force of Chinese city transformation!



1.       CEO from The Global Outsourcing 100 companies

2.       CEOs from Fortune 500 and Forbes 2000

3.       Ministers, Members of Parliament, Governors and mayors from outside China;

4.       Renowned economists, outsourcing experts and scholars

5.       Chiefs from famous international organizations and industry associations


- List Releasing by GOS

l Top 30 Outsourcing Enterprises of 2011

l TOP 10 Outsourcing Figures of 2011

- Closing remarks by an APCEO Leader

Chaired by: Leader of APCEO



Networking Buffet 




Subject: Cooperating and exchanging


1. Self-introduction on cooperation fields/projects

2. Deep talks with potential partners with host’s guide

3. Closing remarks by the host

4. free communication and networking


Chaired by: Leader of the Academy of Ministry of Commerce, China.

Closing banquet


Gala and Networking dinner



Date:   21st-23rd, May 2011

Venue:   MaAnShan City, AnHui Province, China


International outsourcing——
New engine of world economic development,

New force of Chinese city transformation!


MaAnShan City , AnHui Province, China


International Hosts & Sponsor
Asia-Pacific CEO Association,worldwide


Host in China
AITEC,Ministry of Commerce PRC
The Bureau of Commerce of Anhui Province PRC
MaAnShan Municipal Government ,China




About GOS


GOS Profile

Global Outsourcing Summit (GOS) is an important milestone in the development of global outsourcing. It is an most important international conference jointly organized by APCEO and relevant governments of the main outsourcing countries.


The previous 3 sessions:

1st GOS, 2007  Tianjin      Host in China: Tianjin Municipal Gov.

2nd GOS,2008  Zhengzhou  Host in China: Zhengzhou Municipal Gov.

3rd GOS,2009  NanJing     Host in China: NanJing Municipal Gov.


Main Functions of the Summit:

1. To integrate global outsourcing resources & to gather global outsourcing elites

2. To research the status quo of global outsourcing & to explore the development law of global outsourcing

3. To call on global political and economic leaders to attach importance to global outsourcing & to improve the competitiveness of enterprises on the basis of global outsourcing

4. To enhance the visibility and capability of service providing countries and enterprises

5. To strengthen regional cooperation of global outsourcing, foster a global outsourcing market system and set up key projects like global outsourcing Centers, order- taking centers and distribution centers


Main Participants:

1. Important political figures at home and abroad .
2. Chairmen, Presidents, Chief Executive Officers s well as Managers of Outsourcing projects from Fortune 500 companies, Forbes Global 2000 companies and other listed companies all over the world.
3. Leaders of global outsourcing enterprises.
4. Global outsourcing experts.



Global outsourcing is an important means to increase the synthesized economic strength of each country and to enhance the competitiveness and brand recognition of global main-stream companies. Also, global outsourcing acts as a significant method for multinational companies to reduce cost as well as operating risks and to overcome the current economic crisis. Harvard Business Review has long asserted that "Outsourcing is one of the most important management ideas and practices since the past 75 years". In no more than 20 years since its forming, global service outsourcing has developed with an astonishing speed and has become one of the most important issues that require necessary attention from governments and companies all over the world.

Nowadays, economic cooperation between countries has expanded from trade cooperation and investment cooperation to a new field of outsourcing cooperation. No matter to outsourcers or contractors, outsourcing countries or contract countries, outsourcing is of the same significance. Outsourcing is not merely a passive move under the external pressure to reduce cost; it is also an active strategy for companies to respond to the quickly changing international market—Through outsourcing, outsourcers can have the global resources optimally integrated and extend companies' business chain so as to realize hyper normal development.

Our special reminding goes to developing countries: while putting a premium on contracting, they should also encourage mature industries or mature companies to outsource, only by which can outsourcing and contracting be fully integrated and can the harmonious development of the service industry with reduced international conflict be possible. The combination of contracting and outsourcing, manufacturing outsourcing and service outsourcing by global outsourcing as well as by revolutionary adjustment of cooperate management and industrial integration is a vital part to actively promote global economic transformation.


Summary of the Important Activities in this summit:

Leaders of first-class outsourcing companies introducing important achievement of global service outsourcing.
Important international political figures and renowned outsourcing experts calling for global outsourcing promotion and to analyze the development prospect of global service outsourcing.
Leaders form related outsourcing base cities summing up regional development experience for service outsourcing and exploring the location of service outsourcing base cities.

·Yunnan Provincial Government, China
·Kunming Municipal Government, China
·MaAnShan Municipal Government
·University of North Texas
·University of Melbourne
·South Africa Parliament
·Johns Hopkins University
·Estonian Parliament
·The Malaysian Government
·Institute of Scientific Instruments
·French Government
·Anhui Provincial Government
·Oracle  Software Systems Co., Ltd.
·KPMG Advisory
·International Paper Asia
·HP Enterprise Service
·Goodyear Tire Management Company Ltd.
·Delta Air Lines, Inc.
·CB Richard Ellis
·Abbott Laboratories Trading  co., Ltd.
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